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Nunavimmiut are no strangers to the challenges posed by development. The 1975 James Bay and Northern Québec Agreement recognized the rights of Nunavik Inuit over a vast territory, granting legal status and a special regime of governance. The 2002 Sanarrutik Agreement established a new nation-to-nation relationship between Nunavik and Québec and put forward a common vision of economic and community development. However, with international demand for mineral and hydroelectric resources expected to grow significantly, efforts must be made now so that this development does not threaten our future.

On September 25, 2010, Plan Nunavik which had been prepared by regional organizations was tabled with Québec and became the basis for current discussions on the orientations to give to regional development. Building on Plan Nunavik, Parnasimautik is a process to create a comprehensive vision for the development of our region. A vision whereby the Inuit traditional way of life (our culture, identity and language), the land and the environment will be protected and enhanced, and whereby Nunavimmiut will determine under what conditions our region develops.

Parnasimautik is an opportunity for all Nunavimmiut to examine the multiple sectors of our lives (Who We Are, Our Communities and Our Region) and propose a sustainable model of development acceptable to all. Community workshops are planned throughout 2013.